My earliest memory is climbing the centerpiece of my backyard, a sixty-foot (60') Pin Oak tree. I climbed so high my Mom couldn't find me & frantically called after me. I was not more than 5 years old. Giving myself away with chuckles, she couldn't believe how far up I reached. When I saw the frightened expression on her face, I was sure to climb down by myself.

After many years of consolation from that oak tree, I actually cried when they decided to cut it down. Little by little, year after year, I remembered my backyard of decorative, shade trees-dogwood, magnolia, flowering cherry, 3 red maples-being hacked down by what seemed to me very ungrateful men. Eventually, the street I grew up on was going from a canopy of trees to hot concrete.

I was about 14 or 15, when a one-man tree company serviced our backyard. He was so old-to me at the time-I told my Dad that I could do it better & faster! Now it was Dad's facial expression that I had to answer. He immediately taught me that I must "put my money where my mouth is." I bought my own equipment and gained experience through one of my Dad's neighborhood friends. In those days, community meant something.

I decided to license and insure my business in 1987 when I was about 20 years old. I realized and taken pride that I became a successful businessman.

What makes my business, Brandywine, different is my approach for, what I term, "Tree Conservation rather than Tree Desecration." I take the time to work with my clients on a need-by-need basis, and they trust me to beautify their landscape.

Many companies want to "just get the job done" and remove trees before explaining to customers their other options.

It's not once that I have come across husbands and wives or neighbors that disagree about a tree. After listening to their needs and completing the work, I've experienced many surprised, smiling faces, happy that their shade tree was saved and the car will no longer have leaf & tree debris spoiling the paint, for example.

I've also seen trees that border a property or powerlines, and a tree company will hack half the tree to accommodate the customer, but not also the tree. It's important to balance a tree by knowing which branches to trim. So, unfortunately, after a few years, the tree needs to be eliminated anyway from not being able to recover those poor cuts.

Of course, many times, I've removed trees too, to make way for gardens, pools or other construction projects. Trees also become diseased through insects, molds, and other bacterias or viruses. So for safety reasons, they need to be taken down so they do not affect healthy trees or endanger people or property, as there is a higher risk of infected trees breaking & falling. I am also certified for Asian Long-Horned Beetle Tree Removal and know the proper disposal areas. People do not realize how important that is.

I find satisfaction in educating people about their trees and shrubbery. It's my job. I enjoy offering personal service and seeing satisfied customers. If someone is not sure about a tree's condition, I go to the property and let them know the truth. I've walked away from jobs, with folks thanking me for letting them keep their tree, which maintains an ecosystem of birds, squirrels and butterflies. After all, I'm mainly about nature preservation. What some people do not realize is that the presence of well-manicured trees and shrubbery actually raises property values.

For now, I've stayed away from fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, and other master arborist treatments. I leave that for the scientists. If I recognize a real need for it, I recommend someone. These types of treatments can become expensive for the consumer and me. I keep my expenses down so that I can pass savings to my clientele. The most satisfied customer is the one who feels excited because they see great, and sometimes unexpected, results and saved money, too! Many times, I've shown people the best cut tree is the one that only the client can tell has been pruned or elevated.

I admit I'm one of the lucky ones who loves his work. It gives me personal gratitude. It's kept me strong and healthy. I am confident that I can climb well into my senior years. But if I come across that kid who thinks I'm too old, I'll be happy to be an inspiration and "show him or her the ropes," my lifetime friend. And I've never regretted making that wise-crack to my Dad years ago.

Brandywine Tree Services is affiliated with:
  • National Arbor Day Foundation
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)
  • Tree Care Industry Association
  • Long Island Silent Flyers (LISF) www.lisf.org



  • Asian Long-Horned Beetle Detection & Disposal


The Owner & Operator of Brandywine Tree Services is a member of:

  • National Arbor Day Foundation


Community Involvement:

  • Queens Restoration and Storm Clean-up Project for the September 16, 2010 Tornado. Brandywine Tree Services assisted the power company in removing fallen trees from electrical wires on private property in order for power to be restored.